Pro Farm Turbo Safety Rules

Turbo Safety Rules 9,500 & 10,500 lb.

Revised – 2009

  1. Air Kill: A positive air kill device must be placed on the inlet side of the charger to prevent the ability to build boost. The cable or linkage used to activate this device must be accessible to the sled and driver while in seated position.
  2. Exhaust Pipe: Two 3/8 inch, Grade 5 mm. bolts must be placed at 90 degrees and less than 1 inch apart in the pipe and after the charger outlet.
  3. Hood Line: All Chargers must be under the stock hood or be shielded 360 degrees. If hood is fiberglass charger must be shielded.
  4. Side Shields: If side shields are used they must be made of either 0.060-inch mm thickness aluminum or 0.030-inch mm. thickness steel. If used, shields must cover the entire engine compartment. Side shields must be easily removable.
  5. Dead Man Throttle: Throttle must be spring loaded or otherwise made so that, if released, the engine returns to an idle while running.
  6. Fire Extinguisher: All tractors are to carry a working ABC or Halon type extinguisher that is readily accessible to the driver while in the seated position.
  7. Tip-over Bars: Required as per Safety Rules.
  8. Roll Cage: A roll cage with 5 point harness may be used. ROPS is REQUIRED with quick release seat belt. Must be able to lift one rear wheel when pulled horizontally from top of the ROPS/Cage without damage to the ROPS/Cage.