Pro Farm Turbo Rules

Pro Farm Turbo 9,500 and 10,500 lb.

Revised – Dec. 2017

  1. Rules: All General Rules and Safety Rules apply to the Turbo Class unless otherwise specified in the following rules.
  2. Engine: Engine, not to exeed 585 ci, must be of same manufacture as tractor with the same number of cylinders (i.e. an International tractor must have an International engine). Engine must bolt in manufacturer’s intended location.
  3. Intercooler: Only factory equipped intercoolers using engine coolant allowed.
  4. Engine RPM: Engine is not to exceed 3000 RPM while pulling. Tractor must have an ISSpro #01R8906 magnetic pick-up with 14-16 gauge 110v wire attached to 3 prong female plug accessible to the sled. Wire must be one continuous wire outside of frame rails and be visible with no splices.
  5. Charger: 3 inlet 3 exhaust Injector Pump: Any pump up to and including a Bosch P-Pump.
  6. Water Injection: Water injection allowed. No pressurized tank systems are allowed.
  7. Maximum tire sizes: 20.8 x 38 any cut tires allowed.
  8. Hitch Opening: Hitch opening size requirements 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3 inch side to side. Note: No loose clevis are to be used. (Revised – Dec. 2017)
  9. Frame Modifications: Frame modifications with approval of tech committee and no component tractors

Protest Rule: If a tractor is protested, the protest must be made to a member of the Tech Committee by a competitor in same class either before the pull starts or before the tractor in question leaves the pulling track. A protest fee of $500 must be paid by protester, which will go to protestee if the tractor is found to be legal. All points and prize money for that pull will be forfeited, protest fee returned to protester, and protestee barred from pulling at club sanctioned pulls for one year, if tractor found to be illegal or refusal of tear down.